Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

12 August 2012

Inner Peace

I am clearing my schedule
And the clutter in my mind
No more busy for nothing
But a lot of reflection
Letting go all
With a lot of emotional release
Healing deep 
Searching for inner peace
And love within

I am clearing my schedule
And clutter in my heart
Feeling the emotional pain 
One by one 
The old pains
The new pain
I look at them right in their eyes
Feel them deeply with all my heart
Constantly reminding myself
No judgement 
Only acceptance
For all the bad and ugly decision 
For the hard lessons they bring
Breathe through one pain by another
With love
For self

Suddenly I feel 
So much compassionate
To my own being
The courage
The inner strength
The personal power
If not inborn
Where else does it come from

A deep sadness
A deep love
A deep affection
A deep devotion
I gotta love this gal 
With all my heart

I am so sorry 
Please forgive me
What I have put you through
You have survived
You have strived
You have been blessed
You have been protected
With all the love and light
In search of Inner Peace
The angels are with you
They hear your voice
Deep and loud
Strong and powerful

I make up my mind this morning
No more waiting for unknown I call it off
I finish it with high note
A commitment for self
Holding up high standards
It's done
It's complete
No more turning back
I have let go totally
Feeling good

In search of Inner Peace
In a moment to another moment
I will breathe through it

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