Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

14 August 2012

The Truth

I promise
To love myself
Breathing through all the painful points 
I have not been listening to my body 
And it is killing me last few days

It's confirmed 
I have called it off
Once and for all
I cut ties

A deep sadness
Crying over the beautiful creation 
The world is anticipating...

All the struggles and stress
It finally comes to the end
When you are telling the truth
No need excuses
No need reasons 
Just be truthful

I do my work 
With all my heart and soul 
In return
All the clients appreciate the beauty of the soul 
That once then and now 
Has become the inner circle of best friends ever
They care and love me
With total acceptance of who I am 
It warms my heart really
I am grateful

Telling the truth 
Living the truth
Let the universe take care of all the details

A new season is awaiting
With much anticipation and excitement

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