Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

09 August 2012

Cards of Life

Your cards
Your life
Your destiny

I reconnected with good friend in BJ
She has been doing the translation work for 
Cards of Life by Robert Lee Camp
See the Chinese website here:
The printed Chinese books are ready for sale

Simple yet accurate
She has found her life purpose 
I am so happy for her

At some point in time
The Universe 
Shows you another way 
To your enlightenment
To your way out
Focus on what you want
Attention is the energy
A lot of letting-go

I am grateful 
For all the difficult people 
That has made my life such a stumbling block
To bring out the very best in me
To push me into the pursuit of new knowledge 
New perspective
And spiritual advancement shows me the way
I give you permission to go now
I no longer need that anymore

I am strong and powerful inside
I am the unlimited power within me

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