Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

15 August 2012

Deeper Meaning

I need to be extra strong
In meeting all the consequences
For a tough decision
I couldn't smile
I couldn't laugh
This is so not me
Totally thrown upside down
Out of alignment
Out of balance
Body mind and spirit

The world is not interested
In your sorrow and problem
Any authentic soul
Would be interested to see
How you breathe through it
And find deeper meaning in every trials
Turning them into triumphs
Isn't this a Winning theme
that higher intention has for me?
That's Winning!
And I interview and write about Winning
Wrapping up with my final note
To give it a real push

I suddenly see a silver liner
In the stormy weather
Higher intention has set its sight
For me to work through winning spirit
And be authentic about winning

I shouldn't feel bad now
I should have dried my tears
Winning is a journey
Winning is an attitude
Winning is a lifestyle
The small and big winnings
that make us who we are now

Nothing to be sorry
The world is watching
I should have dried my tears
Let go of my sorrow
Winning is an inside out job
Winning is a strength
Winning is in your blood
Winning is in your good fight
For who you are
What you stand for
Keep your head up
No matter what

When you are living truthfully
No excuses
No blames
Be very conscious of
Each decision
Each choice
Each consequence
Each relationship
Is built solidly one at a time

I suddenly find an insight
Cracking a smile now
All is well
A deeper meaning of Winning

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