Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

22 August 2012


Traveling always add a new perspective about life
If you are happy within
You could be happy anywhere
If you are content within
You could be content anywhere
If you are satisfied within
You could be satisfied with anyone anywhere
Happiness is an inside job
Let's commit to our happiness daily

I always love traveling
Traveling for business
Traveling for pleasure
My life is about traveling and expansion
That flexibility and life dynamic
Have added an edge
Where I did not realize before
There is a deep level within
Noticing that all things are possible

Life is a beautiful journey
We travel from time to time
Only to meet the highest purpose

All the new faces and new places
I have met you long before our eyes meet
Some stay some slip away
It's okay
When our path cross
We know how far the seed of love will grow
Live your authentic life ever

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