Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

01 August 2012

Bad Experience

I did not like you 
The very first time then
I do not like you 
Even until now

You always create 
Bad experiences for others
Many years ago
And many years later until now
It was painful
Not only the financial loss
But the emotional life as well
You almost wanted to grab
Every single opportunity 
To leverage on other's resources
And maximize financial gain for yourself

I had a very bad experience before
Going through all the painful journey
Call it Karma
Call it my own creation
The outcome should not be the same

Many years later
When we cross path 
This is even more painful experience
Thank you so much for 
Showing your true color
That is it
Once and for all

Have you really know what is pain?
Be glad that 
If you feel pain
Because you are alive

Lots to let go
And surrender to the higher purpose
Body pain
Emotional pain 
Financial pain
Spiritual pain
Very hurtful to the soul

Thank you again 
For the bad experience
At least by now
I am so conscious that 
This is not what I want
No more crossing path
Not in thousand years to come

I remind myself 
To be calm
No decision made otherwise
Many bad experiences
Again and again
That is it
I am done 

From now on
I will move away from toxic soul
Very much so 
That I do not want
Realignment again and again
In my future ventures
No more crossing path
Bad experience
Once and for all

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