Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

03 August 2012


That's it 
If I look back 
I may not create you
But you have brought
The greatest joy 
To the right souls and hearts
You are loved 
You are appreciated
You are traveling far and near
Freedom in your middle name

That's it
You are my inspiration 
You are my dream
You are my power
Many times
I think I could not continue
You cry loud to me 
Your undying passion 
To meet the world
Ask me to give another push

This is intense
I love every minute with you
You are my Hero
Nothing else matters
But to let you go 
It's time to spread your wings
Remember one thing
I love you unconditionally

One day
If you grow big and strong
Be grateful
For all the color of life
Love every minute of it 
It adds a little charm to your journey

If you could not find me
Know that 
I will be loving you forever
Be true to yourself
Safeguard all your inner values
That is the whole essence 
Of who you are
Without this
Nothing really matter
I know you will

A little something
A true love
Very deep love

When I look back 
Nothing really matters 
But you

Spread your wings
Go and fly

I love you

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