Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

05 August 2012


For the last 7 days
I went through a big time
Not easy to breath 
Coping one at a time
Something is so out of harmony
With my heart
With my soul
With my body
Sometimes I feel like
I am out of the body 

For my whole working life
Some of the values 
I will safeguard with all my life
They are the highest values to uphold
Promise & Deliver

Major pain comes from 
value differences
When comes to the end
You will know

The world is full of people 
Who talk and do differently
I uphold dignity and integrity 
With all my life
I am so grateful 
Someone appreciates the same value
And uphold for its service culture
And brand leadership 
I love people with this leadership quality
Not many of them
So far 
One that I could think of
And yes
Because of the integrity 
and my passion to deliver I promise
Someone is willing to return the goodwill 
To keep it going
To complete a dream

I am absolutely grateful
It's a breakthrough
Beautiful soul 
Travels far
You know who you are

For those who cut losses
I cut ties
For those who carrot and stick
I cut ties
For those who are not genuine in giving
I cut ties
You know who you are
And prefer not to meet anywhere 
For this disharmony
Thank you for showing me
What I do not want
And I will refocus otherwise
Time to change
Time to stop 
Time to breakthrough

This little gift
Has saved many lives
For a voice 
The world is waiting

Mission accomplished 
Indeed it's a breakthrough

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