Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

15 August 2012

Card for Today

The Basic Meaning of the Six of Clubs

The Six of Clubs is THE card of intuition
Its presence in your cards 
can indicate a time 
when your intuition 
will be stronger than usual

It is also the card of responsibility 
in speech and communications 
and of making compromises 
to maintain a peaceful surrounding

When this card shows up
situations will arise that promote 
bringing your life into balance and stability
Whatever is out of balance will have to be adjusted 
so there may be karmic debts to pay

On a more universal level
the presence of the Six of Clubs can indicate a time 
when we can become aware of a special purpose in our life
something to do with sharing higher knowledge with others
It has also been called the 'John the Baptist Card' and 
the 'Way-Shower's Card'
Thus it can be a harbinger of an important mission for you
one which will lead you to a higher purpose 
and lifestyle in the spiritual sense.

Something to think about????

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