Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

08 August 2012

My Dearest Angels

My dearest Angels
Please come to me
I need your help now
I need your love now
For something I couldn't see
Please show me
What is ahead of me
I need a shoulder to lean on
I need a listening heart
A gentle touch 
To sooth the soul
Please guide me
Which route to take 
I am physically exhausted 
I am mentally blank
My heart is bleeding

My dearest Angels
Remembering your love
I want to let my tears out
You have reminded me 
Again and again
Will I survive
Will I be taken care of 
What you care about is more than this
Is this the meaning of my life
Am I happy doing what I do

My dearest Angels
Please take away my shoulder pain
Please release my heart pain
Please release all my responsibility 
And let it all gone
I want a break
Realignment of my life
For what matters
All the while 
The ladder is leading at the wrong wall
I am slowing down now
Remembering your love
I promise to be strong

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