Blue Inspiration In The Now

Blue Inspiration In The Now

03 August 2012


With your carrot and stick
Passion dies
Creativity stops
Soul cries

It does not work this way
Not for this project
Not for my clients
Not for me

Despite of all the challenges
That I am aware 
And not running away from
I ask not for your understanding
This is a road less traveled 
Perhaps no one wants to travel
But I see something bigger 
A dream to fulfill

I give genuinely 
I give generously 
Come from a genuine giving 
Without dignity
Nothing matters

Finishing with high note
I will let go totally

An experience 
Of a true giving
A true abundance
10 months
Full attention
Full awareness
To deliver 
A little dream
A little voice
A little tears 
In between the lines
A little spirit
Sustains all

Just imagine
All the little goodwill
Affects lives
A touched soul 
One at a time

When comes to the end
You will know

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